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第三部分 教学测评

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I. Structure and vocabulary

1We tried to persuade her to go to the party, but she didn’t go        .

A. therefore B. otherwise C. all above D. after all

2When and where to go for on-salary holiday          yet.

A. are not decided B. have not been decided 

C. is not being decided D. has not been decided

3. Compare this painting          that one, What do they have          ?

A. with; in common B. to; commonly C .to; in common D. with;common

4. I was         my face in a dressing room when I heardsomeone shouting “Fire!”.

A. making up B. wearing C. putting on D. covering

5.         , Let’sforget about that for the moment.

A. Otherwise  B. However  C.Anyway  D. And

6. She is very busy,so she only can            thechildren’s absence to tidy their house.

A. grasp B. take advantage of C. make up D. prepare for

. A cloze test

One day I decided I would change the way I work and make a         in the office. So I bought a computer and madesure it was joined to a        .Andit was so exciting when my letters became neat and everybody could read mywriting. But as time          Ibegan to feel that my idea had been         wrong. Now I was no longer able tofeel that my work was         myown .When I became unhappy, my        colleaguesthought I needed a more advanced model of computer. They bought me a new one.So I have never been able to escape from technology and my work as I think fit!








IV. A multiple-choice test (高考试卷中的被动语态专练)

1.An exhibition of paintings ____ at the museum next week

Aare to beheld     B. is to be held   C. are holding    Dwill hold

2. Every possible means ____, but none ____ successful(2000上海春招)

A. has tried; has proved  Btried; proves C. has been tried; proves  D. is being tried; is proved

3The questionhe asked is hard ____

 A. for answer      B. to answer     Cto be answered       D.answering

4By the endof last year, another new gymnasium ____ in Beijing.(2003上海春招)

   A. would be completed B.was being completed C. has been complete D. had been completed

5More than a dozen students in that school ___ abroad to study medicine last year.                                                   (2005上海)

  A. sent         B. were sent        C. had sent       D. had been sent

6.——Why did youleave that position?  —— I __ a better position at IBM. (2005北京)

A. offer         B.offered         C. am offered       D. was offered

7. More patients  __ in hospital this year than last year.   (2004江苏)

A. treated        B. havetreated     C. had been treated     D. have been treated

8. Sarah, hurry up.I’m afraid you wouldn’t have time to __before the party.                                                   (2004全国)

A. get changed   B. getchange    C. get changing     D. get to change

9. Rainforests __and burned at such a speed that they will disappear from the earthin the    future.  (2002上海)  

A. cut  B. are cut  C. are being cut  D. had been cut                                  

10. After a fire broke out in the lab, a lot of equipment__.  (2005北京春招)

A. is damaged   B. haddamaged   C. damaged   D. was damaged

11.The mayor of Beijing says that all construction work for theBeijing Olympics __by

2006.  (2004北京)

A. has been completed B. has completed C. will have been completedD. will have completed

12. I feel it is your husband who ______ for the spoiled child.(2002上海)

A. is to blame   B. is doingto blame     C. is to be blame   D. should blame

13.Great changes ______in the city ,and a lot of factories______.2003NMET)

A. have been taken place…have been set up   B. have taken place…have been set up

 C. have taken place…haveset up            D. were takenplace…were set up

14.——Do you like the material?  ——Yes, it______ very soft.  (2003 NMET)

  A. is feeling    B. felt   C. feels    D. is felt

15. The Olympic Games, ____in 776 BC, did not include womenplayers until 1912.(2001NMET)

A. first playing  B. to befirst played  C. first played  D. to be first playing


.1.D 2.D 3.A 4.A 5.C 6.B

.revolution; network; went by; totally; truly; simple-minded; Anyway; deal with

. 1. This new type of computer has been specially designed for teachers and students. 2.The needs of the teachers and students have been greatly considered. 3. With the help of computer, you may not find it hard to deal with and share information. 4. It will cost a lot of money, but after all, it is worth equipping every teacher with a computer. 5. They use the computer so well that they seldom write with a pen and paper. 6. If a new situation arises, they will make up new programs. IV. 1-5  BCBDB  6-10: DDACB  11-15: CABCC


A selected English passage for recitation英文精选背诵短文

Life with computers

First of all, we use computers every day sometimes even not knowing it. When we go to a store and use our credit cards many computers process our information and perform transactions. When we need to get some cash we use money access machines that are computerized too.

Second of all, computers provided a great means of communication the Internet. I think it is the easiest and cheapest way to get in touch with relatives, friends, business colleagues, etc. Nowadays the world becomes smaller and smaller.

Third, in addition to these practical benefits people can go shopping without leaving their house. They just use an Internet access, a computer and their cards to make a payment. It is kind of difficult to imagine that a few years ago people had to spend their time in lines buying tickets. Now, a person can choose a destination, company, date and time and get tickets delivered to his door. I think it is amazing. (165 words)