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[日期:2017/2/7 9:28:00] 阅读:4493


1The journey around theworld took the old sailor nine months, _____ the sailing time was 226 days.(全国03  2004 .28

      A. of which           B. during which   C. from which     D.for which

2. George Orwell, _______was Eric Arthur, wrote many political novels and essays. (北京,2004.26        

      A. the real name                                     B.what his real name

      C. his real name                                      D.whose real name

3. ______ is reported inthe newspapers, talks between the two countries are making progress. (北京2004.34    

      A. It                         B.As                 C.That                     D. What

4There was          time          I hated to go to school .(湖北2004.23

       Aa; that              Ba; when           Cthe; that           Dthe ; when

5There are two buildings ,         stands nearly a hundred feet high .(湖北2004. 25   

Athe larger                                       Bthe larger of them

       Cthe larger one that                          Dthe larger of which

6What surprised me was notwhat he said but          he said it . (湖南2004 29      

Athe way          Bin the way that                              

Cin the way         Dthe way which

7. Playing tricks on othersis _____  we should never do.        (湖南2004 21)   

     A. anything                                     B.something    

       C. everything                                   D. nothing

8. I work in a business_________ almost everyone is waiting for a great chance.(湖南2004 23       

A. how               B.which       

C. where              D.that

9.  ________ is often the case, we have workedout the production plan.   (江苏2004 33

    A.Which                                       B. When        

      C. What                                       D.As

10The factory produces halfa million pairs of shoes every year , 80%        are sold abroad .(全国 2004 35

       Aof which         Bwhich of          Cof them           Dof that

11. The English play_______ my students acted at the New Year